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ALIENS: Eradication

ALIENS: Eradication

I am excited to announce the release of Aliens: Eradication (RC1), an 8 map action/survival game, designed for use with Kontra Kommando's Aliens Trilogy (Payload edition). The Aliens have risen again on planetoid LV426 at Weyland/Yutani corporation's best kept secret: a second colony! They still want the creature for research. The mod features

  • Four unique player classes with there own stories, enemy encounters, item placement, side/bonus missions, and even some maps exclusive to the class you have chosen to play.
  • Weapons and enemies from the Aliens Trilogy PS1 game, the Aliens films and more.
  • Play the single player, 8 map campaign or load up the mod with your favorite iwad or pwad to give them the "Alien treatment". Works with most Doom and Doom2 wads (not tested with other mods).
  • Deploy auto turrets and drones (class specific) to set traps or create defensive choke points.
  • Take advantage of environmental hazards (fire and electricity) to help even the odds.


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