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Final NeoDoom released

It looks like I am not the only person in the community considering remasters of previously released work. The modder Daniel released his new version of Final NeoDoom just a few days ago with numerous fixes, improvements and changes to his awesome mod that has been initially released 2015 if I can remember this correctly. So what can you expect from one of the coolest releases of the 2010's? It's a mod with 17 new maps for GZDoom source port, including new music, weapons, monsters, inventory, textures, graphics and hud. It uses special features such as 3D floors, jumping and crouching, dynamic lights, 3D objects (MD2 and MD3 models) and extended DECORATE definitions. Gameplay is quite varied: monsters have different personalities, and some of them requires specific weapons to be beaten. Inventory items also play an important role on specific situations. So what are you waiting for?

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