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DoomRaider 2020

17 years ago Russel_P released a map called Doom Raider which somehow managed to scrape into DoomWorlds top 100. It's safe to say the map is looking somewhat dated these days. It was his first non vanilla map and he only really achieved part of what he was aiming for. Over many ZDoom (and subsequently GZDoom) updates, many of the maps features have become diminished or broken. The original map is now unplayble due to GZDoom changes which leave the poison clouds in the level with infinite height, which makes it almost impossible to survive without cheats.

So here's an unpdate/new version/reimagining/reboot/whatever. This started out as an exercise in updating his doom mapping knowledge, but ended up becoming a complete obsession. Russel_P has undoubtedly spent more time on this new version than he ever spent on the original and, if he was to produce a list of changes, it would be quicker to list the things he hasn't tinkered with. If it wasn't for the cuurrent lockdown, which has given him a large amount of free time, he doubts this map would have been released this year. But hey, here it is, the remaster of Doom Raider and it definitely was worth the wait.

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