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PsyDoom: Reverse engineering PlayStation Doom for PC

I have wanted to write about this project for some time now, but i decided to wait until an important milestone was reached. For those of you who do not know, PlayStation Doom was (and is) a unique version of Doom, not in the least because of the various visual features it adds, like colored lighting. Ever since the dawn of time (Well, slightly less) projects have been undertaken to achieve a similar look to this very version of Doom. 2020 is however shaping up to be pretty special. With GEC Master Edition trying to backport the Ultimate Doom and Final Doom levels to the PlayStation, and PSXDoom-RE being a reverse engineered undertaking, PsyDoom by Intacowetrust (creator of Phoenix Doom, a backport of the 3DO version of Doom to PC) brings PlayStation Doom ever closer to the PC. Working together with the authors of PSXDoom-RE, PsyDoom's intent is on providing a clean, native version of the PSX Doom internals on to PC.

With the 0.3.0 release, the goal has moved ever closer. The new features are as follows:

  • PsyDoom no longer needs a PlayStation BIOS file to run.
  • PsyDoom now runs 100% natively and does not emulate the MIPS cpu at all.
  • Added support for deathmatch and co-op play, with an emulation of the original link cable functionality over TCP. See the main README.md file for instructions on how to use.
  • Verified demo compatibility with the original PSX Doom for a full playthrough of the game. Demos recorded against the original binary play back the same in PsyDoom.
  • Password system: nightmare mode now has it's own unique set of passwords.
  • GTE (geometry transformation engine) code is now implemented using regular C++, no emulation used. This removes dependencies on the Avocado MIPS CPU.
  • Reduced CPU usage if waiting during the framerate cap.
  • Some frame pacing and input lag improvements.

PsyDoom is thus within spitting distance of bringing the native renderer, including colored lighting, to PC, allowing users to play this wonderful version of Doom natively, and providing a basis from which others can work on. Participiate in the DoomWorld thread and be part of something very special in the making inching ever so closer to final release. And while you are at it, check GEC Master Edition and PSXDoom-RE out aswell! Doom on PlayStation is not just a memory of the past - it is a project of tomorrow.


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