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Lagomorphs of Gore released

"Daisy cowered in the corner of her hutch as her master brought the feeding tray, the tramp of his boots resounding in the hallway, getting louder and louder until his green-armored form emerged around the corner. She knew what was going to happen. There was no escape, no alternative, not on Gor. On Earth, perhaps, a rabbit might eat when she wanted to eat, but on Gor the will of her human was divine law. Such had it always been on Gor..."

Way back in 2016, woolie wool had binge-played just about every wad related to Doom the Way Id Did all in a row and decided to try his hand at E1-style mapping himself, taking inspiration from primarily from Romero and Hall, but also Dr. Sleep, Paul Corfiatis, and esselfortium's "material" texturing style. These maps take advantage of mild ZDoom features, including two new enemies and a reskinned chaingun. But more importantly, the wad has a score, bonus, and treasure system similar to Wolfenstein 3D's to encourage exploration.


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