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A map that teaches you map design

How cool would that be? Well, forget about the "would", because it's already there. The Doomish Den of Design is a very interesting experiment by the mapper Yatte Mimashou that is meant to be a showcase about various mapping techniques and guidelines. What does the author say about the map?

"I've built a map that demonstrates some design concepts I've researched many years ago, but illustrate them with actual examples not just theories written down I'd understand but no one else would. I wanted to help my mapping friend get over troubles with mapper's block. With encouragement from him and Phobus from these forums whom I contacted via mail I've decided to pre-release the map here. It's pretty much beta stage [and] takes about 2 hours to play through and gather all the information."

It's so much worth a shot and I am pretty sure that it is a good help for everyone - not only newcomers but also experienced mappers. Give it a shot!

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