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Technicolor Antichrist Box: Defining Doom mapping in 2020

Mapping in Doom often comes with a sense of style, of which you instantly recognize who the author is. A pcorf map is easily spotted, and whenever a work by Esseltfortium or Jimmy is released, you know what you are dealing with. Major Arlene's Technicolor Antichrist Box provides a blueprint of Doom Mapping in 2020. This GZDoom-heavy map (Run this at least in version 4.1.1) treats the player on a wide array of colors and custom textures, varying from Zoontex by Jimmy, the magnificent OTEX texture pack by Ukiro, along with GothicTX, ArchTex, AATex and some custom recolors by Major Arlene. On top of that, a custom, cyan-colored palette is used, making the map ''pop''.

Keep in mind, Technicolor Antichrist Box is a slaughtermap. For regular players: This map is thus designed to kick your hiney. Play on Hey, Not Too Rough, and you will be fine. Those who do get to play Technicolor Antichrist Box are awarded with a map that not only looks beautiful, but also plays the part aswell. It is a single example of where Doom mapping stands in 2020, in a year where Doom has been stronger than it has ever been. Play this map at your leisure. It is a surefire portal to a slice of entertainment.

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