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Raven Midi Pack: ''Finishing'' Kevin Schilder's soundtrack for Heretic

From time to time, Doomer extraordinaire Jimmy plays his magic when it comes to new midi music, in the form of Community Midi Packs. With Plutonia, Revolution! and Rebirth behind his belt,  He and his team of fellow composers now turn to Heretic, with the Raven Midi Pack: An ode to Kevin Schilder.

The full game shipped with five episodes - six if you count the three hidden ''E6'' levels - for a total of 48 levels. Amazingly, the number of pieces in its original soundtrack amounted to less than half that, with a total of 19 unique level themes and 3 more tracks for the title, intermission and story themes. The pack is already well under way, but nevertheless, it never hurts to take a shot at this.

To consider writing new music, please do so only for Episodes 2-6.

How to join:

  • Observe the Completion Report below.
  • Claim a slot, or up to three at once - your slot(s) will be listed as "claimed/track unfinished".
  • Claiming does not mean you are inextricably bound to that slot - you may drop out or move your claim at any time!
  • Start writing!
  • Once your piece is finished and submitted I will offer you any critical feedback needed.
  • Once your piece is finalised, your slot will be listed as "completed".
  • Completed tracks may still move around to form the final order.


  • Imitate Kevin Schilder's style as best you can! Closely study it and expose your ears to his compositional tricks and motives.
  • Tracks must fit the map you're writing for, and integrate into Heretic's existing soundtrack.
  • Track length must fall within 1:00-3:00. Heretic's pieces are NOT epic in length! Heck, the longest ones are still only just above 2:00. Crazy, right?
  • Name your tracks. Untitled tracks will not be accepted!
  • Collaboration with other composers is encouraged!
  • Remixes of the existing tracks are permitted, but not encouraged. Originality is what we're after here.
  • Brand-new tracks only this time around! I won't be accepting tracks that have been resting on your hard drive for months beforehand, unused. Let's all be on an even footing going into this project!

The final product:

  • An "album" of MIDI files in a zipped, instant download.
  • A WAD file compilation that will allow the tracks to play in-game.
  • A new resource for the community! All tracks will be reusable per the permissions in the text file!
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