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Doom II: Resurrected reimagines Doom II as you knew it

Reimagining the Doom level designs has been a popular occurence given the ''..the way iD did'' series. But Doom II: Resurrected takes a different approach. A full 36 mapset made by JustCallMeKaitoDoom II: Resurrected is more akin to a remake, expanding upon not only the original levels, but also the story. Any new areas strictly follow the theme of the map they are a part of, so things can and will look different.

Because Doom II: Resurrected expands upon the classic, a few brand new enemies will get introduced, along with some tweaks to Doomguy's arsenal. Looking at you, pistol. Looking at the screenshots, the illusion of grandeur and expansiveness cannot be understated. What's more, elaborate texture work and careful detail deliver a geniune change compared to the original, classic designs. On looks alone, Doom II: Resurrected feels fresh.

There is no ETA on the project, but if one dares to deliver, you can contribute to this project, which oozes potential. Tired of playing Doom II? Then perhaps Doom II: Resurrected is right up your alley.


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