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We will stay online!

Today several emails reached me asking for what happened to the Realm667. According to my hoster, the page was moved to a different server, explaining the 503 downtime of the past few hours that I didn't even notice as I was sleeping. Such downtimes are nothing unusual and happening once in a while, but in connection to recent events on Doomworld (more on that at a later stage when things cooled down), people got a bit nervous which is somehow understandable. There is no need to fear anything though: The Realm667 will stay online and serve as host for sharing and organizing resources as long as it is possible for the team and myself to do this. Personal issues and pride pushed aside, the page always served as a base and host for creativer ideas for the many, and that is what counts.

Though there have been questions: "What happens if the page gets lost and with thalt all the resources?" Even though I have backups and feel responsible for keeping this place running, even I don't know what might happen. "Community efforts must be preserverd" - therefore I just put online a complete file dump from the site, including every single submission. The download link (948,8 MB) includes the complete set of all submissions available up to today and will be available for exactly 14 days from now on, so enough time to get the content and have some kind of a 'location-independent' backup. Share it!

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