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Blade of Agony v3.1 released!

Comerades, it's Friday 9th of July and we hope you are ready to get psyched once again! The new version 3.1 of Blade of Agony has just been unleashed on ModDB's project page. So what can be expected? Is it all censored? Are swastikas gone and are Nazis only generic soldier cannon fodder? People expected the worse, but we can promise you there is no need to fear radical changes.

New features in v3.1

  • New launcher (written from the ground, with additional options)
  • Addons (a total of 12 gameplay mutators, featuring interesting replay-possibilities, loadable with the launcher)
  • Ultra-Widescreen support (for 21:9 screens)
  • New damage and powerup screen indicators (including indicators for grenades, damage direction, damage types, powerup cooldowns)
  • Completely revamped fullscreen hud (powered by a new widget system, with transparent backgrounds)
  • New additional boss battles and enemies
  • Achievements system (total of 34, achievement board in the briefing room)
  • Performance improvements (higher fps rates on weaker machines)
  • Improvements to make the player-placed mines more useful
  • Sprite improvements (additonal rotational sprites for 1-directional enemies, hires sprites for numerous lowres variants)
  • Options menu simplification (making it more accessable to people outside the GZDoom community)
  • Includes latest stable GZDoom 4.6
  • Countless bugfixes, adjustments and improvements (over 400 Github commits)
  • Replacement and improval of edgy and sensitive content (e.g. removal of historical references towards the Holocaust, character renaming, content replacement)

So what does the latter point mean? After feedback from the players all around the world, we took a closer look at some of the design-choices that we made and asked ourselves if some of the content, that has been considered to be "edgy" contributes to the story and the atmosphere, or actually doesn't. We have made some minor choices and even though some people believe that we went too far or "bent the knee", we think that our vision is still intact without these nuances and we really hope that you will enjoy the new version with all the additions we made.

Enjoy, and get psyched (you know how that works!)
Best regards,

Tormentor667 and the Blade of Agony Team

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