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Updates to the repository: New rules, new chances!

After the repository has been inactive for the past few weeks, I decided to give it another shot myself and with the help of Gothic (thanks for staying part of the team) and hopefully some other supporters, we plan to keep it online and maintained in the future as promised already, to serve as a central source for content to spice up your mods and maps, and as place for artists to share and showcase their work. As I've said before on various occasions: The Realm667 is a community place - and this shouldn't interfer with personal events of the past.

So where do we start?

First of all the site has been restructured, obsolete content has been removed, historical items have been sorted and the menus have been simplified so it's easier for people to find what they need. It's even more community oriented now and less focused on work by me (still, the projects area will be kept as is).

When it comes to the repository, the submission rules have been finally loosened. You are now encouraged to finally submit models to the resources. Trees, spaceships, cars - everything is possible now without the 8-dir-restriction for content. On top of that, you can use ZScript and ACS next to the original DECORATE format. On the other hand, the wad format won't be accepted anymore, instead please use a well sorted directory-format pk3. Also, to make our job as repository maintainers easier, please add a preview image to your submission if needed (e.g. SFX, Beastiary, Item, etc) in the same format as we already use it on the page (png, 250x140 pixels, isolated and transparent, if it is a model or a sprite) - chances are higher that your submission gets added instantly as it saves us a lot of work.

More changes will come in the near future, but if there are any suggestions, please let us know. And until then, we are looking forward to your submissions, your feedback and your support. Stay tuned and keep doomin'.


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