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Reelism2 - Early Excess

Nearly nine goddamn years after the original Cacoward-winning mod emerged from the swamp of our psyche (and roughly half a decade after its last update), Reelism is back! The original development team has reassembled to completely rebuild the whole thing using the latest GZDoom functionality, allowing us to go above and beyond with bizarre and hilarious new features. If you never played the original Reelism, here's how it works: It's an arcade survival mode where gameplay is split into five sixty-second rounds. At the start of each round, three modifiers on a slot-machine style display are re-rolled, changing gameplay rules and what weapons and monsters spawn. Some of these are fairly normal, like, say, "explosive weapons" or "Imps and their many variants". Some are quite a bit less normal, like "drive an invulnerable tank", "swarms of the dogs from Wolfenstein 3D" or "shrink to the size of a Pinky's toe". If, after five of these rounds, you've somehow managed to stay alive, a strange and wacky boss will swing by to finish you off. Defeat the boss to achieve victory! Alternatively, die hilariously and vow to get a higher score next time!

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