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Iron Assault

Iron Assault is a mech action game, designed specifically for GZDoom. It is based loosely on an obscure shooter released by Graffiti back in the mid nineties. Note that Iron Assault is a re-imagining, not a 1:1 remake of the original. It is heavily influenced by Heavy Gear 1, and Mechwarrior 4 (especially mercenaries).


  • Many customizable mechs with dozens of weapons and modules to choose from.
  • Weapons from “light” 14.5mm machineguns to rapid fire 105mm rocket launchers.
  • Modules add functionality to your mech, from jumpjets to advanced sensor pods that let you see threats up to kilometers away.
  • A custom armor, damage and limb damage system.
  • Custom weapon system, which will be familiar to those who have played mechwarrior games, most similar to mw4.
  • Large scale maps packed with destructible objects and buildings. Almost everything within the bounds of a map can be damaged or destroyed in some way.
  • Campaign spanning 5 different environments and a sim mode that lets you play campaign maps with random spawns or in a survival wave mode.
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