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NaNoWADMo is over

There are many things that are cool about the month of October. Mainly because it ends with Halloween, objectively the best special day earthlings have to offer. The Spook Season has the best vibes, so I guess it’s not a surprise that the NaNoWADMo took place during that month. For those who do not know, the NaNoWriMo (standing for National Novel Writing Month) is a month-long contest but foremost a self-challenge spanning each November in which you try to be consistent enough to compose a story made of 50,000 words on about any topic.

And NaNoWADMo is clearly the same vibes, but with WAD mapping. The goal is basically to map something during the 31 days of October. Well, October is sadly over and so is NaNoWADMo. And oh yeah! People did map WADs! I’m particularly looking forward into trying the WADs from Kam Tovalski, Meowgi, Blue Phoenix, Death Bear, Napsalm and cannonball; but just try them all! There are 17 links in the second message of the event and you can head toward the provided link to discover them.

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