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DOOMIUM, one month till fission

After going on a trip towards the plains of Eternal Evilness and back, fai1025 got tired of huge adventures with a hidden treasure deep into far-far away shores of Hell. The Fai Slayer realised that travelling wide, desolated bits of Hell just to retrieve a random MacGuffin wasn't for them anymore. That's why they decided to gather a team of Science Slayers to exploit a chaotic and demonic radioactive matter known as DOOMium. Their research team has two months, until the 10th of December, to test and find out how DOOMium will benefit the future of mankind and other thriving people that have to deal with demons and alike on a daily basis.

This community project is a collection of 32 short maps using OTEX 1.1 as their only texture set and are interconnected using the exact same teleports for entering and exiting the level. It started on the 16th of October and there's only less than one month left now.

Prior to this community project, fai1025 also did a 20 maps MegaWAD named Unternity in an attempt to move on from Eviternity as a too big maps MegaWAD. Check the links provided for the community project and Unternity MegaWAD if you want to learn more about this DOOM mapper's past projects.

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