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Every kind of effect that just didn't fit somewhere else can be found here - in all its glory, gory or whatever it might be.

Alternate/Gib Deaths

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{tab=Info}Count: 18
See individual wads for credits
A collection of alternate deaths and gib deaths for stock Doom monsters, available for modders to implement. Does have states included in the Info lump, but none are implemented.

Still a potential work in progress. If you have any deaths you'd like to add, send a message to Ghastly on the forums.
archive Alternate/Gib Deaths (229KB)
Updated May, 8th, 2013

Animated UAC Logo

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{tab=Info}Type: Animated UAC Logo
Connection: None
SpawnOffsets: None
Documentation: Yes
Variants: none
Summon: [red/green/blue/yellow]UACPainter
Submitted: Captain Toenail
Decorate: Captain Toenail
Sprites: Doom Font
Sounds: none
Idea: Quake3 wall animations
I've had this idea in my head for quite some time, using DECALDEF to create cool animations on the walls. You could create groovy disco lights, team-icons for CTF bases, projectors etc. using animated decals. I've never seen it done before though so I thought I would submit this to FX as an example (which is useful in its own right for maps)
archive Animated UAC Logo (5,7KB)

Damage and Low Health Effects

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Name: Damage Hud Effects
Type: Hud effects (SFX Other)
ACS: Yes
Sprites: BadMojo
ACS: CaptainManiac,BadMojo
Idea by: CaptainManiac
Special Thanks: Blue Shadow,MaxED,Scifista42,Buuu342
Ideabase: The Fading and Blood on Screen effect from The Saboteur's regeneration system
Enables blood splatter effects when suffering damage and/or dying.  Intensity of the damage splats are proportional to damage suffered.  Also provides "fade" effects for when the player's health gets below 50%.  Effects can be individually turned on/off or modified.
archive Damage and Low Health Effects  (125 KB)
Updated Jun 29th, 2020

Doom 3 Blood Decals

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{tab=Info}Type: Blood Decals
Submitted: Ghastly_Dragon
iD Software
archive Doom 3 Blood Decals (207KB)

Flame Traps

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Type: Wall and floor mounted traps that shoot flames.
Connections: None
Spawn Offsets: Arguments
Spawn Ceiling: No
Summon: FireballSpitter, FireballSpitterInactive, FlameJetter, FlameJetterInactive, FlameJetterToggle, FloorGrill, FloorGrillInactive, FloorGrillToggle
Brightmaps: No
Actor modification: No
Captain Toenail
Code: Captain Toenail
GLDefs: Captain Toenail
Sounds: freesound.org (liamg-sfx, highpixel, cubicApocalypse), edited by Captain Toenail
Sprites: Doom
Sprite Edit: Captain Toenail
Idea Base: 3D platforming games like Tomb Raider
This pack contains several fire themed traps to place in your map. Use sparingly or players will hate you
archive Flame Traps  (93 KB)

IWad Brightmaps

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{tab=Info}Type: Brightmaps for Doom, Heretic, Hexen, and Strife
Submitted: Virtue
archive IWad Brightmaps (~3MB)

Parallaxing Sky Viewpoint

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Type: Custom sky camera
None (Inherits from a built-in (G)ZDoom actor.)
Spawn Offsets:
Where the camera will be is determined by the mapper themselves.
Spawn Ceiling:
No, can be raised to it in-editor.
Actor Modification:
Only inherits from the pre-existing SkyViewpoint that is inside the engine archive.
Code: inkoalawetrust (Rewritten code), DrPyspy (Original code)
Sprite Edit:
Custom sky camera graphic by Tabijaky, made from GZDB/UDB's sky viewpoint graphic.
Idea Base:
The Source engines' 3D skyboxes.
This actor is an improved version of the built-in ZDoom sky viewpoint: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes:SkyViewpoint. If you already know how to use the built-in sky camera, you'll be able to use this one with little issue, as long as you also read these instructions on how to use it below.
The parallaxing skybox camera only has one extra custom argument, located at the Action/Tag/Misc tab on the Edit Thing menu.
This argument is Sky Parallax, which controls how much parallax the sky camera has, AKA how much the skybox will move around when the player moves, the higher the value, the more the camera moves relative to the player, the lower the value, the less it moves.
For example, a value of 128 or 256 may be ideal if your skybox has things like buildings and hills, that are supposed to be far away from the playable portion of the map.
If you have issues like the player moving forward but the sky camera moving sideways, change the sky cameras' angle to 0.
You can also use the included skyparallaxexample.wad map as a reference on how to use the sky camera.
The default value for the Sky Parallax argument is 64.
archive Parallaxing Sky Viewpoint  (796 KB)
Updated Jan 11th, 2023

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