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This category displays any kinds of ambient sounds that you might encounter in natural environments, like elements, animals and stuff.


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Name: Wind
Format: OGG
Variants: 5
Random: No
Delay: N/A
Looping: Yes
Surround: No
Submitted: BouncyTEM
Sounds: Various Sound Libraries
Sound Edit: BouncyTEM
Source: Various Sound Libraries
Idea Base: N/A
This is a package of five different wind sounds; two cold ones, one gentle, one strong, an intense tornado, an intense wind, and an intense sandstorm.
archive Wind  (3.11 MB)
Updated Mar 30th, 2024

Wolf Howl

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{tab=Info}Name: Creepy Crows
Format: OGG
Variants: 3
Random: Yes
Delay: 15-60 seconds
Looping: No
Surround: No
{tab=Credits}Submitted: Captain Toenail
SNDINFO: Captain Toenail
Sounds: Timesplitters
Sound Edit: Captain Toenail
Source: Timesplitters
Howling wolves, perfect for a gothic graveyard.
archive Wolf Howl (75.7 kB)

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