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Urban / Military

This category displays any kinds of ambient sounds that you might expect in an urban setting or military facilities, like talking people, vehicles, gunfire or things like that.

Explosions 'n Stuff

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{tab=Info}Name: Explosions 'n Stuff
Format: FLAC
Variants: 5
Random: Yes
Delay: Yes, Varies
Looping: No
Surround: Point
{tab=Credits}Submitted: BouncyTEM
Sounds: Various SFX Libraries
Sound Edit: BouncyTEM
Source: Various SFX Libraries
Idea Base: A bunch of things going boom.
This is a set of explosion sounds for deadly environments! There's a falling bomb for the distance, a close by explosion, an artillery unit firing, a falling artillery shell, and an explosion causing a building collapse. A good variety of similar things!
default Explosions 'n Stuff  (2.6 MB)
Updated Feb 9th, 2016

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