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Medieval / Fantasy

This category displays any kinds of ambient sounds that could directly come from any medieval setting or from any fantasy game, just like gates, horses, battles or stuff like that.

Clock Tower Bell

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{tab=Info}Name: Clock Tower Bell
Format: FLAC
Variants: 1
Random: Yes
Delay: 20 - 100 tics
Looping: No
Surround: No
{tab=Credits}Submitted: Tormentor667
SNDINFO: Tormentor667
Sounds: Activision
Sound Edit: none
Source: Hexen
Idea Base: none
The sound of a clock tower bell, randomly repeating
default Clock Tower (7.6KB)

Magical Drones

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Name: Magical Drones
Format: FLAC
Variants: 5
Random: No
Delay: None
Looping: Yes
Surround: Point
Submitted: jdagenet
SNDINFO: jdagenet
Sounds: Spectrasonics
Sound Edit: jdagenet
Source: Spectrasonics
Idea Base: Textural Loops to enhance the magical feeling of a map
These loops were created to give any map a magical or fantasy atmosphere.

Each sample has pre-defined loop points that are embedded in the audio file to allow the sounds to loop seamlessly.
archive Magical Drones  (7.62 MB)

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