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Mapping Art - High Detail - The Love for The Detail

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As we all know very well: "The small things in life do the difference", same goes to detail as we also know! In this part, I will give you several pieces of work from me. If you play my maps, you will maybe don't see them, but though these are the littlenesses making a new mapper also soon a detail-addicted-one, believe me! :)

At shot one you can see, how much effort can be put just in a normal bench, but that's why this one looks so damn good in the chapel of my City of The Damned. It consits of 6 sectors, 3 for the back, 1 for the seat and 2 more for the armrests. For sure, I also could have done this with 2 sectors at all but would the result be the same? I don't think so! :) (buildtime 3-5 minutes) 

Shot 2 shows off some important trick concerning the LINE HORIZON special. I saw a lot of wads using this feature without any care. It's unlikely (exceptions affirm the rule!), that you will find somewhere on Mars, Phobos, Earth, Moon (except seas) or any other planet a place where you stand in front of a flat ground ranging into infinity and that's why it looks always damn ugly if you don't do something about it ;) The few tricks I have to prevent this ugly side-effect is to place some sectors and objects in front of the LINE HORIZON special, some rocks, some trees, maybe a smll building, just to make the commonness of the infinite horizon a bit smaller. Check the screenshot and you will know what I mean. It just looks better and not that unrealistic anymore!

The next shot number 3 shows how much simple detail can be put in something very trivial ;) I don't have to say much about it, it just proves once more, that you can find everywhere a little place where you can add detail! In thix case, I added wodden panels to the outside of my building in form of pillars, just to give it a few more contures and something, your eye-candy-addicted mind can look at :)

Another unnecassary detail of the map is shown in screenshot 4: If you look closely to the upper left of the screenshot, you see a building behind the brown stonewall. Why this is unnecassary? Well, you will never get to this building (and 9 other buildings on the map), you just see it :) For sure, I could have left out that work, if you will never reach it, but the map is supposed to be part of a city, so it's sometimes important to look beyond the borderlines of your creation. This is now just a concrete example for cities, but I am sure there are a lot of other map-types where you will need such a thought!

I know it is often hard to start with a complete new designing idea regarding the work on sectors, vertices and linedefs. And then, if the worst-case appears behind your back - the so-called "creativity-hole" - you only have one chance left to get back into editing: Play other games as inspiration or just check out the latest resources for your favorite 3D ... sorry, 2½D game :) When working on The City Of The Damned, I also got to the point when I thought: "Damn, I have absoultely no idea what I could put into this building!" so I started to browse through my blood resources and well, after some time I got to this new ideas as shown on screenshot number 5

Another nice trick of adding very simple detail is shown in shot number 6. If you take a look at this one, you see windows, small in-build lights, flat-sectoring and ... yes? What? :) Exactly, an open door which has absolutely no use at all ;) And the very bad trickery about it is: Everyone knows that the BIGDOOR textures have just a height of 128 units and if we would close this door, the texture would tile and look terribly but it doesn't, it stays open as it is and will never move. Though it looks great ;) You can use this simple detail in hallways or openings which look plain and for which you don't have any spicing-up-ideas.

The most important thing with this is: If you create a new object, a new piece of your room that hasn't been done by anyone else, work on it until you think it is perfect, until it almost exactly resembles what you had in mind. And if this object has already been build by someone else, improve his version and make a far better one, because then, people will remember your wad!
Extra-Buildtime: "uncountable" (depends on level-size and personal level of detail-addiction)
Build-Difficulty: "High" (the final step for absolute detail!)


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