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Mapping Art - High Detail - The Broken Brick

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Normally, I didn't want to add this, but as I reconsidered the fact, that every texturepack has some bricks and every mapper will - sooner or later - work with bricks, I added this little part. Many maps already include a lot of BRICK mapping work but only few of them exhausted their potential. Here are some nice tricks you could incorporate in your map.

Shot one
shows one part of the hellish cave in The City of the Damned. With the usage with about 10 or 12 new sectors, we can make this alley look like it has been broken out, and you see how good it looks, but it is also a lot of work, adjusting the texture alignment, the height of the bricks and the x-pegging of the walls. (buildtime 15-20 minutes)

Shot two
demonstrates another way using this method. Think about an old building whose windows have been blocked up years or decades ago. Well, with time comes curiosity (or war) and some persons or ugly demons might have broken in the building through one of the windows. By adding some new sectors as different brick levels of the opened window and also some brick stones in front of the window, the effect is perfect and looks pretty cool. (buildtime 10-12 minutes)

In shot three, we take a look at an older shot from the lesson of "Flat Sectoring" because it is absolutely the same think, just translated on the floor.

The good thing about this method is the fact, that you can use it always and as often as you want if you work with BRICK textures, whether it is Doom2 or Heretic/Hexen or even some new texture pack (because all of them include bricks :))
Extra-Buildtime: "10-20 minutes" (depends on the complexity of destruction)
Build-Difficulty: "Med"


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