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Mapping Art - High Detail - The Carpets

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Carpets in Doom? Sounds kinda strange, doesn't it? Well, no, it's a great invention to add some more minor detail to your maps ;) So, how to add beautiful carpets to your UAC Livingroom? Well, this is very easy and also very fast to achieve, just create a new sector in your "room", make it 1 or 2 units higher then the parent sector and put some carpet-like flat on the floor and the lower texture of the new sector (for example the blue one heavily used in E1 maps, maybe place also some UAC logos on the carpet!). 

In shot number one I demonstrate this feature very well with the Blood Resource Pack which has beautiful carpet'ish flats to use. You can see a long, very long carpet in the chapel of the city leading to the altar over some steps as you can see (yes, I know the alignment can be done much better, but it was my first carpet ;)). You see once more, how simple this is done but how greatly it enhances the room itself (thx to the new contures and a guidance towards the altar). (buildtime 5-8 minutes)

The second shot shows of a Heretic'ish medieval room from Netherworld and it has (omg!!!!!) a carpet :) This time it is a rectangular one but as you can see, it adds much more depth and detail to the room itself and it is soooo easy to add :) (buildtime 1-2 minutes)

Carpets can be used everywhere
Extra-Buildtime: "1-10 minutes" (depends on size and stairs)
Build-Difficulty: "Low"


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