13.02.2002 - I browsed along for a while through some Community sites and stopped at Doomer's Recess, seeing that they have finally reviewed my Torment & Torture :) Nice Thing, I got 79% from Wim Vanrie, well I hoped to get more because it was a lot of work. Nevertheless, this gives me the energy to start again soon on a new Doom Map, perhaps a Map Pack :) Time will come, be sure, this isn't the last thing you have heard from me :D "I'll be back" (Arnold Schwarzenegger)!


23.11.2001 - Hello fellow Doomers, again I stopped working on Doom to have some more time for school and for my RPG, which I create with the RPGMaker2K! I had also to fix some minor Errors in my Messageboard but I'm glad, I could finally manage the stuff. Sooner or later, I will give you some new wads :) But I'm sorry, that this will take some more time.


26.10.2001 - Hey Doomers, I'm still working, but not on Doom! I have now added a completely new Guestbook and I will add soon a new Forum, much better (PHP based :)! So please write something in my book and tell me what you think!


21.10.2001 - I added a new GB to my page and copied all of those entrys! Well, I think I will take another one but later... comes time comes advice :) We will see!


18.9.2001 - Yeah! Finally I have a place where I can put my Files on! Thanks to :) Big big thanks for the ad-free webspace provider from Germany :) Ok, let's begin with today's headlines: Perforated Entrails can now be downloaded from the MyWork section! And I also put up a Forum/Messageboard on which you can ask/help me about or with my latest stuff! Hope you will join this "ezboard" as soons as possible :) 

Work still hasn't started on X-MAS DM2 but I will do it! :) I have a lot of resources which fit perfectly the atmosphere of winter and santa and all of the other included shit! So, see ya soon...


12.9.2001 - It is out! I have finally released Perforated Entrails! Well, it isn't the big and amazing wad I planned one year before and some of you may be disappointed, but it is a nice deathmatch experience and I am sure, you will like it! Get it in the "MY WORK" Section, guys! And also my other stuff which is finally uploaded!

PS: I will start working on a sequel to X-MAS Deathmatch in the next few days! More details, more stuff to play around with and more snow :) You will like it! Pix will arrive soon!


9.9.2001 - 2 months have now passed by since I dropped "Perforated Entrails"! Today I have taken a look at my favorite Doom Sites again! I saw several new projects popping out and I knew, their destiny should be the same as PE's one! I played around for a while with the ftp.cdrom stuff! And as always, I saw a lot of crappy shit and useless wads, but also great wads with lots of detail! I don't know why I did, but I took a look at the old PE Archive on one of my Doom CDs! Should I have checked it? Well, I did! I copied all the old and almost abandoned stuff on my hardrive... double klicked on "Perforated_Entrails(DM).bat" and run Skulltag with my maps!

I saw the nice architecture, the flood of details, the nice ST and ZDoom Effects... I felt the spirit of Doom! And I hit my head on the keyboard in front of me, because I now knew, what a stupid loser I have been! And now everything's changed! I will finish "Perforated Entrails" on my own, because I don't want to lose and I want to bring you guys this extensive Deathmatch Feeling!

All the Perforated Entrails Stuff is now placed on my Personal Webpage in the MYWORK Section! You will find a lot of new Screenshots and several other nice Info ;) Go check it!


17.2.2001 – Only a small update: I have uploaded my Personal Skin to the Mywork Section J I think it looks pretty cool! And I hope it will soon be in the “Epidermis Emporium” Database of Skins!Hmm… well, that’s all I think!  
9.2.2001 – Hmmm… the Orbit Interactive site, the Perforated Entrails project and my Reallife(tm) is a lot more work as I have thought! Well, as you can see all the sites are not updated since 2 weeks and I can’t really do anything for this! Well, it looks like I have to stop the work on this site for some weeks until I have somebody who can help me to manage the Orbit Page or until the Perforated Entrails Project is done! I’m really sorry for this but I have no choice! I can’t manage two website, one project and my life at once without any help! Greetings Tormentor667…  
See ya soon in some weeks :)
29.1.2001 – Well, today Acidflash31 has quit his work on Perforated Entrails and being member of Orbit Interactive! This means also, that I will have to work on this site on my own! Damn shit! And this means also, that this will be the last update on my Personal Site, until I have somebody, who can help me working on the Orbit Interactive Page! So please excuse me, if this site won’t be updated for a long period of time! In my eyes, the Perforated Entrails Page is much more important than my personal site! For more Info visit See ya all in Hell…  
14.1.2001 – Today I was really bored because I can’t work on my Zdoom Level! Zeth won’t run anymore with my new Hardrive and I don’t know why! Damn shit! So I created a nice Flash Intro for my site! If you haven’t already seen it click here and wait 10 seconds! It is nothing special! Only a standard Flash Intro! I ever wanted to try Flash and I must say it is really cool J  
5.1.2001 – Wow, I’m still working on my Zdoom Level and it becomes better and better! I have nothing added to the level itself BUT I have added a very cool thunder effect which will blow you away! Today I add the rooms inside the building! Surely I will add some nice fake overfloor effects! But, that will be a lot of work, so will have to wait! Perhaps I will be able to finish the level in the next 3 days, because I have a lot of time! I have everything finished on the Orbit Interactive including the Doom MP3s, the Design and also the complete stuff for Perforated Entrails! Perhaps we will release a Demo Soon! But… you will have to wait J  
2.1.2001 – Happy new Doomyear for you all! 2001! And Doom is still going and going J Well, today I can’t really post you anything, because I slept the most part of yesterday *has been on a damn shit cool party with damn beautiful women, especially there have been some mediterrenean girlys, William Mull!* But be sure, that I will do some work on my TZDoom1 today and then post some Screenies tomorrow!  
30.12.2000 SECOND – Hey it is unbelievable! You shortly win a contest on NewDoom and then FACE.UK asks, if you want to be hosted by NewDoom! Well, the idea was cool, so here I am now! At NewDoom! Hosted J This is cool! I think, I will get a lot of visitors next time! Thx goes to NewDoom J My new Address is !  
30.12.2000 FIRST – Yeeeeehaw! I won the NewDoom Wad in a Week Contest! Yeah! And I will get a nice Doom Shirt and a trophy graphic from NewDoom with some id software related signs on it J That is really cool! You can now download the WAD from my Own Work Section! Hehe, this wad really suckz the longest ass.. (Winamp?)! Also Jason “FACE.UK” Sloan asked me, if I want to get hosted by NewDoom! Well, this is a really cool idea.. but I don’t know! I have to think about this for some while! Perhaps I will goto NewDoom! But that’s all for today! I will work for some time on my map! And then, I will post some new Screenies!  
29.12.2000 – Working on a new Zdoom 1.23 Level! More about this in the Own Work area! Won’t write much! Tired! Cya  
28.12.2000 – Wow, it is now 01:49 AM and I’m sitting in front of my PC… very strange! Well, I took part now on the Free Hissy Campaign as you can see easily! I have added this small button to my page! I think it looks nice J Also there is a nice WAD Contest on Bob Larkins Doom Wad Station and I think you should really take part, because you can win the WAD STATION CD J A huge Compact disc with a lot of Doom Wads, Tools and other stuff! I think I’m going to take part as soon as I have time to… when my Zdoom 1.23 Level is finished J But that’s still a lot of work.  
27.12.2000 – Yeeeeeeehaw! I got today a very cool award from Bob Larkin and his Doom Wad Station My site is WEBSITE OF THE MONTH JANUARY 2001! I’m happy because the Award looks damn cool! Why? Because it perfectly fits to my site (RED + BLACK Colors)! Findout more about the award, how to gain him and how to be as cool as I (am I conceited… NOOOOOO!!!) Also the WIAW Contest runs perfectly for me! 3 Wads (7th, 6th, 5th place) are already out and my WAD is not one of them! It really seems like I’m going to win… perhaps J But though if I win or not, I will today begin a new Level (SP) which will take advantage of the new Features of Zdoom 1.23! Some slopes, some mirrors… all the cool stuff! Like the one of Kurt Kessler (KZDoom7 J)!My Map will take some time but I will begin today! Ok now! That’s all for today! Cya soon!  
26.12.2000 – Very cool day today J Today I got an award from a site of which I haven’t heard anything about! But it is a really cool page and a quality page! I’m really proud of this award! Well, also I brightened up the font color of my Pages, because on darker Screens, it was impossible to view! It looks now a bit brighter! J Also the results of the WIAW Contest will be posted the next 5 days! One wad per day! And on the 31th Decembre, the winner will be announced! I hope, they won’t show my map on the 27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th :-P Ok that’s all folks! Cyasoon!  
18.12.2000 – Hi Doomers, I have only added some interesting Links to my Archive! Also I will soon add more WADS and more TOOLS! Only a question of free time! Also, Acidflash31 will perhaps soon upload his DooM Site again! He also rebuilds his .html so his site won’t be avaible for some time! I hope the new Site will be better as its original! Oh man… ACID HURRY! Want to see your cheap site so I can laugh at you! AND make an english version too so I can laugh at you 2 times, bitch! Don’t worry! I’m very curious how the new Design will look like…  16.12.2000 – Hello again! Time for a nice update today! I have added a new Section called “TOOLS” with 14 quality Tools for every Doomer! No bullshit! Also I have added some new wads! The WADS Section contains now 23 Quality Megawads which every Doomer whould have! So enter this section and download every WAD you don’t already have! Because of some Problems, I had to redo the FAQ Section! There is now only one Editing Reference, but I will add as soon as possible more! That’s all J  
12.12.20(12?).. 2000! – Hey I have uploaded today some of the pix of my “Wad in a Week” Contest for NewDoom! I think I’m going to win J! I hope so! Well, you can take a look at them in the OWN WORK Section! Also, I have chanhged some things of the Design of my page! Doomers, who visit this site often, should normally see it J Well, that’s all for today! See ya all…  
8.12.2000 – [SECOND] Ha, I’m here again and I have added a lot of WAD Links to the WADS Archive! These WADS have all a high quality and be sure, if you download one of them, you won’t regret it! So Enter now the WADS Section and begin to download the WADs, you don’t have already!  
8.12.2000 – [FIRST] Again, I have changed some of the Graphics of my Winter/X-Mas Theme! It looks now better, because the grafiks have a better detail! Also I’m going to add some more WADS very soon! Also, if you think, you have a quality Doom Site, tell me, and I will link it! J  
7.12.2000 – Hey, Yesterday it was “Nikolaus” in Germany and I really forgot to add a X-MAS Theme to my site!! Incredible! But now I have added it! Some snow, some changed pix and: Some WADs in the WADS Section! Go check it out and visit my guestbook J  
6.12.2000 [SECOND] – Holy Shit! I have managed the backround music thing! Now you must hear some backround music in Midi Format! Yeeehaw! I’m a winner :-P  
6.12.2000 [FIRST] - Hello again! Time for update! I have added now a resolution choose on the index page, because I had Problems of the Auto Adjusting Frame Seizes and so the Frames were to big or too small! Now you can choose your Resolution on the starting page, so everything must work without problems heh J Also I tried this Musik shit to work again, but this damn shit won’t work! Perhaps I should kill the MS Word, because it thinks, it is cool, if you insert the relativ link and MS Word converts it to the direct link! Damn shit!  
5.12.2000 – Because of a huge amount of requests, I translated now my complete Page in English! You can choose your perforated… äh… the language you want from the left menu! I know, there’s now one person which is very happy (Acidflash31) !! But there’s nothing else which is updated now! Take a look again at my site in a few days, and I will have added some wads! Cya all in Hell!  
3.12.2000 – FUCK! I could still not add this damn Music! This shit Microsoft Word sucks! I should not create my htmls with this shit! I would use the “Dreamweaver 3.0” from Macromedia, but after I found out, that my version was only a Demo, with which I could test the whole shit for 30 Days, it was too late! Arrgh! I should play minigolf instead creating Doom sites!  
2.12.2000 – Sorry! I have still some problems in integrating the Backround Music known from the old Pagedesign! Perhaps I should ise the old one! Dammit! I hate this world! But I will add this shit soon… I hope!  
1.12.2000 – Hello again! I have updated now again my Realm 667 and I’m sure you have already seen the complete new Pagedesign, which looks really cool! But obviously, the JPGs are a bit too large, because the site takes years to load! But I won’t change that because I like the pix as they are! Well, the page has already a few new sections and the old sections are updated! Also a lot of things have changed since the last News headline: You can visit our Perforated Entrails project here ! You will find news about my projects and surely some more Information about Orbit Interactive J! So I hope you will enjoy your stay here more then before! And see ya soon!
9.8.2000 - At these days I'm very busy. I have to work on our MAPS for PERFORATED ENTRAILS. You can find its page at..
...there you can find all the Information you need. Take a look at every section that you know much more about it. Also , as you can see, I have added a new Counter with more numbers :-) Looks nice?!
Also this will perhaps the last update of my site in the next 2 or 3 months. So I hope you enjoy my site though it isn't really updated.
Another Reason of not updating my site is: I'm in vacation now and so I'm going to the Swimming pool every time.
So, if you have questions about this site or another stuff to tell me, enter my guestbook or send me an E-Mail.
Greetings Tormentor667
...and stay doomed!!!
27.7.2000 - Plans changed. We won't work on a DooM TC for Singleplayer , we will create a Deáthmatch TC with 16 - 20 Levels a tall, a whole bunch of textures, .mod Music, zdoom support, and much more. In the next days, we create the homepage layout. 3 Levels are now ready for fraggin'! We'll see, when you can download the first beta pulic release. We will see....
22.7.2000 - It's uploaded now! Map01 Remixes v2.0 has found its place on my site. You can download it in my "Ownwork" Section!
21.7.2000 - In the next 3 days, I'll will release my Map01Remixes 2.0 Version. Much cooler, much more stuff and a lot aof new Map01's including the old one! Also there are a few other remixed original wads especially for deathmatch. With cool music and a lot of new GFX's and sprites! Go and get it in the download section (in 3 days :-)
20.7.2000 - Hey, The Doomer's Recess has reviewed my X-Mas Deathmatch! Thank you for this! If you want to take a look at the review, enter my link section and click on the Doomer's Recess site :-)
14.7.2000 Because of a reason I do not know, my guestbook doesn't work! Aaaaarrrrrggh! I hat this life! Why doesn't work anything?? At first the FTP Server, now the guestbook! *die* In the next 2 weeks, I'll play WipEout 2097 and then register myself at sonnet! 79.- one month! :-) I hope I'll get it :-)! Then I'll continue the work on my page. But please, If you test my guestbook an it works/ don't works then send me an E-Mail at! I need your help! So, C U all in hell!
14.7.2000...again! Whom?!?!? My Guestbook works again :-/ Why??? it's not important now! Though, I'll play wipeou 2097 the next two weeks and then wokr on my page!
12.7.2000 I have uploaded a "leveldesigner guide". It's very useful for those, who have problems in creating cool maps! Also skilled mapdesigner should take a look at it :-) Take a look at my "TextWorld" Section!

9.7.2000 I haven't updated something yet and I'm not going to update something in the next two weeks because I have to learn for school :-( So you all have to wait and try out my "X-MAS DM"
22.6.2000 Have updated my wads section with some new wads :-) Also the design is new! Now you haven't to switch from one site to the other! Alle the Wads are on one site! We have also now a title for our project! It is called: "Lost in Time" At this time we work on our oage design and we will finish it in the next 2 months!

18.6.200 GREAT NEWS!!! Orbit Interactive (my team) is going to create a new Doom TC called "The UAC Time Machine" or "Time Trouble" or something like this! It'll be a game where you must save the Earth in several times (futur, past and present) so you will kill ancient fighters, todays heros and neo bots! We will open a new homepage for our Project in the next month! I'll tell you when it is ready!!!
16.6.2000 Yeah! I have now a in english written Forum! I hope now everybody can understand the buttons! But it has no feeling/type of pictures anymore! But I think that is not important! Also I have updated some grafiks (only the Lines :-) So enjoy my site and download the X-Mas dm !!!
Also some of my WAD downloads work again! Thx to Samuel Cupidos for telling me :-)
12.6.2000 As you can see, I have a Forum now :-D But it's in german :-( If anybody knows where I can get a in english written Forum please contact me! It's very important!
10.6.2000 Yeah! I'm happy again because all my links work again. I have now a new Doomserver and I hope this one will live forever.So at this moment you're able to download everything on this page! Also I have updated he Frames as you can see! Now they look some kind of "betterness"
6.6.2000 Shit! everything goes wrong (again!) Almost all my download links don't work! shit FTP Server in Poland! When it won't work tomorrow I will search a new Server! Shit! Shit! Shit! Fuck the whole FTP's!
4.6.2000 I have added some Skins on the Tools Section which I have converted from Hexen. There are 4 Skins in this package: the Fighter, the Mage, the Cleric and the Bishop! Dowmload it and use the skins with one of the to sourceports (Zdoom, Legacy)!
31.5.2000 Yeah! New Wads have arrived and also the old Wads can be downloaded now! Evereything goes right :-) And PLEASE mark my GuestBook if you haven't already!
29.5.2000 New Site Design with FRAMES is ready! Now you can navigate without any difficulty! Also I have found a new Doom FTP Site so I can link all the cool WADS! I think I will finish the links tomorrow! :-)
27.5.2000 In a few days, I will create a new Menu (with Frames)! So you can navigate on this site easier (?).
26.5.2000 I have recognized, that some of my WAD Links don't work or perhaps the ftp server does'nt work (thanks to Larry Rhodes for sending me a E-Mail :-) I'll fix that in the next 3 days! I'll link them to another ftp Server!
25.5.2000 Acidflash31 has now updated his (very cheap) Site and this site has now 10 Sections! One DM (Half-Life, Q3A, UT,...) Section and 9(!) Doom Sections! You should take a look at it (His "Doom" Page). At the next days, I will add a Deathmatch guide and other useful Doom Textes!You can look at "TextWorld" Also I have addeed some animated GIFs (they look nice, I think!)
24.5.2000 Guest Book is ready, Tools section is ready, new download wads are ready, etc. I think almost everything is ready! You should take a look at the tools section, where you can download now Musik and Sourceports (Legacy, Zdoom + Editors!!!) I will update this Page every month so you'll have the latest versions every month! Wad Files section has now... "GOTHIC DOOM 2" :-D Great!
22.5.2000 Evening News! - The new layout is ready as you can see :-D I think it looks great!
22.5.2000 Today's news are: ... nothing which really matters! I'm working on a new layout because the one you see isn't very good! I think the new one will be great! I will change the layout in the next month (I hope so!). Also new: Now you can send me your DoomWads via E-Mail! If they are well constructed I will release them on my page! ---> Look at Info!
21.5.2000 Second - Have added a Tools Section! Here you'll find Sourceports, Level Editors, Launcher, Sprite and Texture Tools and many more! I think I'll finish this section in the next two days!
21.5.2000 First - Have added some Links and Wad Files! The new Wads can be downloaded at the WAD-Files Section! You should really take a look at it! Also new: Some animated GIF's in several Sections!Also the Doom Backround Music is integrated as you can here!
20.5.200 I finally have opened my Doom WebSite! Now I'm able to release all the cool things I have constructed at home! Like my X-Mas Deathmatch or my very good (I think so :-) Z Doom Levels which you can download on my WAD-FILES Section when it is ready! The Site has a Link Section too (which Doom Site doesn't have this?!) where are great Links to the world's best Doom news and resource Sites! So, I hope everyone who visits my site will enjoy it!