Ashes: Dead Man Walking

"In the wasteland, death comes fast and it comes easy. It doesn't take much: overconfidence, a moments inattention or just a little bit of bad luck. Carpets of parched bones speak to this brutal truth."  Reformed Joe's project is an expansion campaign ( or dlc, as the kids call it these days), for Vostyoks Ashes 2063. You reprise your role as the Scav, hunting the wasteland for those who tried to kill you. "Dead Man Walking" is being developed with the approval of Vostyok, who has been very helpful throughout the entire process. It Features 3 new levels of mutant-blasting, vent-crawling, radiation-sickness-getting action, 1 new town map, 5 New tracks by Primeval, the very same gentleman who made the awesome Ashes 2063 Soundtrack - aaaaand the same Ashes gameplay you all know and love. You want more? Go for it!

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