Lunar Catastrophe

Doom is bringing together people, we are all aware of this. But did you already know that even couples share the love for this 25 year old shooter? Lunar Catastrophe is a proof of concept for this:

I'd like to share with you a project that has been in the works for nearly two years. My boyfriend Count651 and I have collaborated on this project since 2017, with many breaks in between. It started as a single Episode 1 themed level made by myself, and eventually after having made a couple more, I decided to try creating an entire episode. Once it was nearly finished in late October of 2017, we began discussing the idea of working on an entire wad together.

And here it is, get the full download of this classic masterpiece made by The Doom Couple from the official release thread over at - share the love!

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Zen3001 antwortete auf das Thema: #2 5 Monate 1 Woche her
aww yes! Allways love seeing these simple vanilla wads.
I will be try it out first without anymods and than of course I'll run through it with brutal doom!

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