DoomLauncher v3.0.1

hobomaster22 has just released the latest version of DoomLauncher, the number one doom frontend for organizing and playing all your favorit wads and projects (which are currently 563 pieces in my archive to give you an idea how useful this can be). The author has fixed various issues and added a load of different new features, including


  • Added file management option so the user can select how Doom Launcher manages files. The options are managed, unmanaged, and prompt.
  • Modern tile view to display files.
  • Check for iwads to warn user if they are attempting to add iwads to normal files and visa versa.
  • New installer package. This will not update previous revisions copied by the user.
  • Resolved issue that caused .bex and .deh files to be out of order.
  • Added FileShare.ReadWrite so files can be launched when in use by another app/editor.
  • Resolved issue that wouldn't allow the window state to be set a smaller size when leaving maximized screen size.
  • Resolved issue that caused additional files from source ports/iwads to be added on launch even if they were removed and saved by the user.
  • Use full filenames in archives so that selecting individual files in nested folders functions correctly.
  • Update coloring to use windows colors for users that have custom display settings (e.g. high contrast mode).
  • Fix column view sorting for idgames tab.

Just download the new version from the official project page on the Realm667 and extract the new files into the program's directory by overwriting the old ones and you are ready to go. Have fun!

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