Doomworld Cacowards 2020

Another year passed by. A different one, with a lot of challenges, a lot of changes, a lot of differences. Still, there are durable and stable traditions that keep you pleasant. And so is Doom's birthday and the Annual Cacowards that have just been posted over at Doomworld. Congratulations to the winners, congratulations to the nominees and also congratulations to the authors who wrote that article again this year. It was a pleasure to read and I can only say that everyone, who has been mentioned, totally deserved the praise. I am glad that this community is so much alive! Thank you all, and keep doomin' - stay save!

PS: Thanks kindly for mentioning my remasters of 2020, glad that they were that well received!

And so 2020, the year of stunning new releases like Ar Luminae and Bastion of Chaos, has also been a year of remasters for many of the classics. Tormentor667 has been working on a wave of renovations that includes City of the Damned and its sequel as well as Sapphire and Austerity. These updates take advantage of more modern port additions like brightmaps, dynamic lights, and widescreen graphics, but they also make bigger improvements under the hood: new palettes, improved scenery and textures, a new gun for Sapphire, new boss monsters in the original CotD, and even new areas in some maps. 

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