Creating complex and convincing projects always requires a certain amount of custom resources. This doesn't only cost a lot of time, you are also supposed to have the skill and software to realise custom actors, new sprite sets and complete new content. If you can't do that on your own, you can still ask someone else to help you but in most of the cases you are left on your own, especially if you have just started mapping. The Realm667 Repositories are supposed to fill this gap by offering all kinds of resources a project might need - no matter if you are looking for weapons, items, props, textures, monsters or special effects, no matter if you need them for your Doom-, Heretic-, Hexen- or Strife-themed map - we have what you are looking for. But the repositories aren't only an opportunity for mappers, it's also a chance for modders and spriters to spread their work - it's a give and take.

For the various categories of resource-types, simply choose from the left menu (e.g. "Beastiary", "Armory", etc.) to get a full list of all entries. If you want to have the classic preview overview with details, simply choose the theme/subtype of the category (e.g. "Doom style", "Heretic/Hexen style", etc.).
           Welcome to the Beastiary

Latest submissions

Arx Fatalis Textures

archive Arx Fatalis Textures  (48.6 MB)

Fists of Fury

archive Fists of Fury  (61 KB)

Flemoidus Tenacious

archive Flemoidus Tenacious  (42.3 KB)

Flemoidus Arachnus

archive Flemoidus Arachnus  (21.7 KB)

Super Devil

archive Super Devil  (85.4 KB)

Crusaders Of Might & Magic Textures

archive Crusaders of Might & Magic Textures  (39.4 MB)


archive Loper  (625 KB)

Hell Paladin

archive Hell Paladin  (351 KB)

Tactical Shotgun

archive Tactical Shotgun  (35.7 KB)

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