Torment & Torture 1

"This is a very good map. Though not as good as TNT2 or TNT3, Torment And Torture has everything an excellent map needs to have."

The design is great, as there is a prison, halls, church, caves, outdoor areas, underwater parts, base facilities, and more. No real complaints. The play is outstanding - the level, while not as hard as TNT2 or TNT3 is still very challenging, and the use of ZDooM and the the enviroment make it very fun and exciting. The architecture is also excellent, as the new textures and light variation, aswell as a good level of detail, make it look great and give it a superb atmosphere. The ZDooM features are also well implemented. All in all, an excellent map, which I have very, very little, if any to complain about. Tormentor knows what an excellent wad is, that's for sure. Go get it!! Score: 10/10

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