Pulse Nailgun

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Name: Pulse Nailgun
Class: 6
Type: Projectile (Ripper)
Palette: Doom
Summon: PulseNailgun
Ammo Type: Nails (Custom)
Altfire: No
Powered Mode: No
Brightmaps: No
Added States: No


Submitted: zrrion the insect
Decorate: zrrion the insect
Sounds: id Software, Raven Software, Astro Rock
Sprites: id Software, Midway, Eriance, Logan MTM, Lazureus, Scuba Steve, Paul_NMN
Sprite Edit: zrrion the insect
Idea Base: The bullet effect from The Matrix


During the invasion, the Union Aerospace Corporation continued its research into weapons capable of launching projectiles at a faster rate than sound speed. From this research came the "Pulse Nailgun".

The Pulse Nailgun is in actuality a rail gun. It uses magnets to fire nails at sonic speed. But when the UAC shifted its focus towards mobilizing troops, the Pulse Nailgun was put on the back burner. Even though it was never officially finished, it is a deadly and effective weapon.
archive Pulse Nailgun (58.4KB)
Updated May, 8th, 2013
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