Rivet Gun

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Name: Rivet Gun
Class: 6
Type: Projectile
Palette: Doom
Summon: RivetGun
Ammo Type: Rivets
Altfire: Yes
Powered Mode: No
Added States: No


Submitted: Mor'ladim
Decorate: Mor'ladim
Sounds: Mor'ladim, Fate, Phantasy Star Online
Sprites: Mor'ladim, Legend of the Monster Hunter (Impact FX), Gradius Rebirth (Alt Fire FX)
Idea Base: Dead Space 2/Bioshock rivet gun weapons.


A powerful rivet tool heavily modified for combat, offset by a low maximum ammo capacity, slight inaccuracy, and slower firing speed. The rivets can pierce through multiple enemies.

Primary fire features a sustained fire mode.
Secondary fire shoots a rivet that explodes and releases 5 rebounding rivets in several directions.
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