UAC Plasmatic Rifle

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Name: UAC Plasmatic Rifle
Class: 6
Type: Projectile
Palette: Custom
Summon: UACPlasmaticRifle
Ammo Type: Cell
Altfire: No
Powered Mode: No
Brightmaps: No
Added States: No


Submitted: Fuzzyblaze, Infirnex
Decorate: Fuzzyblaze, Infirnex
GLDefs: Infirnex
Sounds: Fuzzyblaze
Sprites: Fuzzyblaze, id Software, FreeDoom Team
Sprite Edit: Infirnex
Idea Base: Doom 3 Plasma Rifle


Seeing the popularity of its Plasma Rifle, the Union Aerospace Corporation began to experiment with other applied forms of plasma. They discovered a means to propel gaseous plasma at higher speeds, which was quickly prototyped and developed into a new line of light infantry weapons. While gas discharge at the point of impact can result in injuries to the user when fired at point-blank range, the weapon's speedy damage output far outweighs this danger.
archive UAC Plasmatic Rifle  (58.6 KB)

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