Heavy Carbine

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Name: Heavy Carbine
Class: 4
Type: Projectile
Palette: Doom
Summon: HeavyCarbine, BloodyCarbine, Bloodycarbineguy
Ammotype: Clip
AltFire: Yes
Note: Requires zdoom 2.8.1 or later


Submitted: Skelegant
Decorate: Skelegant, ozymandias81
Gldefs: Skelegant
Sprites: Id Software, Uboa, Wildweasel (puff sprites), David G.
Sprites Edit: Skelegant
Sounds: Id Software, FatSoundEffects's (www.freesfx.co.uk/sfx/knife?p=2)


This bad girl's ready to whup some demon tush! Mow down foes with streams of hot lead, or skewer them with the twin bayonets.
Comes with an impaled corpse, complete with removable carbine (just press use to haul it out and start shootin').  The "salvaged" carbine has lower accuracy due to its battle-wear.
archive Heavy Carbine  (78 KB)

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