Frag Grenade

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Name: Frag Grenade
Class: 5
Type: Projectile, Explosive
Palette: Doom
Summon: FragGrenade
Ammo Type: FragGrenadeAmmo (custom)
AltFire: Yes
Powered Mode: No
Brightmaps: No
Added States: No


Submitted: DBJ87
Decorate: DBJ87
Sounds: id Software (Doom 3), Froon
Sprites: Kronos (Doom 2.5), BloodyAcid (ClipBox Variant used for GrenadeBox)
Sprite Edit: Kronos, DBJ87
Idea Base: Doom 3; extra grenades or mines thrown by hand instead of fired from a gun.


Standard issue UAC infantry frag grenades. Dealing high damage for crowd control, wiping out weaker enemies quickly and packing a punch to tougher enemies. You can take advantage of various throwing distances bouncing off walls or the floor, as well as using full speed attack, throwing the grenade with little bounce intended, adding a faster attack.
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