Demonic Leech

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Name: Demonic Leech
Class: 2
Type: Melee/Projectile
Palette: Custom
Summon: DemonicleechLive
Ammo Type: None (Altfire drains health)
Altfire: Yes
Powered Mode: No
Brightmaps: No
Actor modification: No


Submitted: TheDoomedArchvile
Code: TheDoomedArchvile, Blue Shadow
Sounds: TheDoomedArchvile, FreeSounds
Sprites: HorrorMovieGuy
Sprite Edits: TheDoomedArchvile
Idea Base: Weak melee health drainer with damaging alternate attack


Oh god, what in the hell is that thing!? It's dug into your arm and won't come off now. This is so gross, but at least it appears to be useful. Raise it up to an enemy and have it suck the blood of your victims to heal yourself for a small amount at a time. Or, you could have it drain your body parts and spit them out as projectiles... Eww.
archive Demonic Leech  (223 KB)

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