Augmented Arachnotron

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Name: Augmented Arachnotron
Difficulty: Medium
Connections: Uses the resources from the original Arachnotron (not included in wad)
Summon: ArachnotronMK2
Melee: None
Distance: Projectile
Type: Demon, Cybernetic
Added States: None
ACS: None


Submitted: Zdude
Decorate: Jimmy, Zdude (minor edits)
GLDefs: Sandypaper (Brightmaps)
Sounds: None added, uses stock Doom sounds
Sprites: id Software
Sprite Edit: Jimmy
Idea Base: Upgraded version of the Arachnotron


Every time Hell launches an invasion, they always bring new toys to the fray and this Arachnotron is no exception. It may look like the original Arachnotron, but it has an extra Plasma Cannon installed to the chassis and the chassis itself is also far denser than the original Arachnotron.
archive Augmented Arachnotron  (121KB)
Updated Aug. 27th, 2012
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