Machinegun Zombieman

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Name: Machinegun Zombieman
Difficulty: Easy
Connections: Machinegun (optional)
Summon: Machinegunguy, deadmachinegunguy
Melee: No
Distance: Hitscan
Type: Undead, human
Brightmaps: Yes
Actor modification: Optional chainsaw death state


Submitted: Skelegant
Code: Skelegant, Ghastly (ZScript conversion)
GLDefs: Skelegant
Sounds: Id software, Skelegant
Sprites: Id software
Sprite Edit: Skelegant, David G.
Idea Base: The alpha machinegun


This feller fires hitscan shots in short bursts. Less annoying in open areas than the regular chaingunner, but still more dangerous than a regular zombieman. Comes with an optional chainsaw death state (set the damagetype of the weapon you want to trigger this to "chainsaw").

Also comes with a gory torso prop.
archive Machinegun Zombieman  (66.1 KB)
Updated Jan 2nd, 2019

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