Doom RPG Ghoul

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Name: Doom RPG Ghoul
Difficulty: Medium
Connection: None
Summon: RevGhoul
Melee: Yes
Distance: Projectile, Poison
Type: Demon, Undead
Brightmaps: Yes
Added States: No


Submitted: DBJ87
Decorate: DBJ87, MagicWazard
GLDefs: DBJ87, MagicWazard
Sounds: id Software, IMX, Raven Software, DBT (Doom 4 Monster sounds Ripped by DBT)
Sprites: id Software, Raven Software, IMX
Sprite Edit: IMX, MagicWazard, DBJ87
Brightmaps: DBJ87
Idea Base: Own idea


A Revenant that attacks using poison as its offence. Using stinging poisoned fists or shooting explosive poisoned gas spewing tracers. On death, he leaves a final toxic concoction for you, so you'd better stay out of his way! Tracers spawn poison gas on impact and may leave clouds while chasing you.
archive Doom RPG Ghoul  (306 KB)

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