Blind Pinky

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Name: Blind Pinky
Difficulty: Medium
Connections: None
Summon: BlindPinky
Melee: Yes
Distance: No
Type: Demon
Brightmaps: No
Actor modification: No


Submitted: DoomedArchvileDemon
Code: DoomedArchvileDemon
Sounds: Doom 64
Sprites: HorrorMovieGuy
Idea Base: Enemy that reacts to sound


This deformed pinky demon has adapted to living in areas of complete darkness. Unlike its cousin it has no eyes or horns. While this may seem like it would make for a less threatening creature, that's far from the truth. With lack of vision it has extremely good hearing and will use its superior speed to quickly attack its prey before they can escape. Additionally, it has sharper teeth which gives more ripping power. They wander around aimlessly but as long as you stay quite you should be safe... shh.
archive Blind Pinky  (141 KB)

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