Chaos Cube

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Name: Chaos Cube
Difficulty: Medium
Connection: None
Summon: ChaosCube
Melee: No
Distance: Projectile
Type: Mechanical, Magical
Brightmaps: No
Added States: No


Submitted: DoomedArchvileDemon
Decorate: DoomedArchvileDemon, Eriance
GLDefs: DoomedArchvileDemon
Sounds: Raven Software
Sprites: Neoworm
Idea Base: Guardian Cube and Neoworm's sprite sheet of this enemy


These large cubes were created by powerful wizards who sought out to create magical bombs by storing massive amount of magical energies inside. While they did not create the weapon they were attempting to make, they did create something more unique. With the amount of energy stored inside these cubes are unstable, have erratic movements, and can fire a variety of magical projectiles. With such behavior they have earned the name Chaos Cubes.
archive Chaos Cube  (291 KB)

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