Daggerfall Skeleton

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Name: Skeletal Warrior
Difficulty: Easy
Connections: None
Summon: dagfallskeleton
Melee: Yes
Distance: no
Type: Undead
Brightmaps: no
Added States: none


Submitted: Krispy
Ripped by: ramon.dexter
Submitted: Sir Squidly
Decorate: Sir Squidly
GLDefs: None
Sounds: Bethesda Softworks, Dagerfall
Sprites: Bethesda Softworks, Daggerfall
Sprite Edit: Sir Squidly
Idea Base: When is more skeletons a bad thing?


A Skeleton wielding a shield and Axe, ready to tear some poor adventurer into pieces. Its horrific screech is worse than its bite though, as it only has its axe to attack with, leaving it defenceless against ranged opponents.
Note that this uses Scale to resize the high-resolution sprites to an appropriate in-game size.
archive Daggerfall Skeleton (263 KB)

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