Forest Adventure

After more than 23 years of Doom, I am still impressed how long we've come and what is possible with sourceports like GZDoom. The modder Alekv has proven once again that the only limit is your imagination (or your skills when it comes to scripts and stuff, but that's another story). He shows us impressively what's possible in his sidescroller jump&run mod Forest Adventure. Without further blabla, just watch the video and check the development thread.

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alekv replied the topic: #2 2 years 8 months ago
Hello, I appreciate it that the game has been noticed, but there are a few BUTs:
1 The game is called "The Forestale"
2 This is not a mod, this is a full game, you don't need a doom1/2 iwad or anything to run it.
3. The game has been in steam greenlight for a week now. Will be glad to hear feedback, comments, suggestions ;)
4. A demo version of the game with 2 playable levels is available.
On steam greenlight:


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