Solid Snake Big

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Name: Solid Snake Big
Type: BigFont
Format: FON2
Variants: 3
Replaces: N/A
Size: 14px
Paletted: Yes (Custom; provided)
Lower-cases: No
Individual glyphs/character maps included: Yes
Standard GFX included: No


Submitted: Jimmy
Author: Jimmy
Original font: "Techno Hideo" by TracerTong (taken from
Additional credits: Urthar (palette; taken from Mayhem '16)


The variants are:
SLSKFONT = original font in gray.
SLSKFNTO = original font in orange.
SLSKFNTY = original font in yellow.
DBIGFONT = same as SLSKFONT - named DBIGFONT for use in ZDoom.
default Solid Snake Big  (37.7 KB)

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