[Road to Wolfenstein] Devblog 03 | Compass 2.0

In the past releases of Blade of Agony, the compass seemed to be a bit rudimentary - a feature for the sake of being added but not of good use. We always thought that we either need to remove it completely or simply give it a good reason for being, and that's what AFADoomer took care of.

The new compass item

The completely recoded compass is now available as an item that can be bought during Chapter 1 and that is part of your inventory from the beginning of Chapter 2. It works very intuitive now and doesn't only show the locations of the mission objectives (both primary and secondary) but also shows you the location of important objects (for example mission elements that must be collected) as well as the locations of treasure boxes and their corresponding keys, and even optional stuff that can be gathered. The closer you get to the objects, the more opaque they get on the compass until they are in range and move closer to the center of the hud compass. Now it really makes sense to get the item and use it, as it helps a lot to make your way through larger maps. You won't be lost ever again... as long as you have enough bounty to buy the item.

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