Just discovered, that Vostyokuploaded a few new screenshots and a showcase video of his Ashes total conversion including a few other extras that totally blew me away. The atmosphere of this post-apocalyptic project is simply brilliant and I am looking forward to the first fully playable version. I mean - riding a motorcycle, isn't that already enough that keeps you eager? This is what the author says about his creation:

"Ashes is a Post-apocalypse themed Total conversion, designed to be run in the Gzdoom or Qzdoom port, and includes support for either software or hardware options. Set decades after a worldwide catastrophe has reduced most of the country to toxic wasteland, the player takes on the role of a scavenger searching the ruins of "The City", a once thriving metropolis, for valuable items. Add bands of mutant cannibals, limited ammunition, and a mysterious group of gas-mask wearing para-military types prowling the rubble." More information about the development and current state of the mod can be found in the official thread - and until then, simply admire part of the soundtrack:

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