GZDoom is for some of us the most powerful Doom engine available. Though, mappers don't seem to try to push it to its limits - until now: Elementalism finally seems to be one of those projects that fully take the advantage of all the capabilities, GZDoom has. It takes classic Doom gameplay and combines it with cutting-edge enhanced graphical features for an explosive new six-episode Megawad.  Confront and conquer the power of the elements, wield the powerful Elementium-powered wand and take charge through six awe-inspiring locations of elemental carnage! None lesser than Dragonfly, Dreadopp, Remmirath and other skilled mappers are working on the project atm with a planned release date in 2019. It's still a long way to go but the screenshots are already promising. Check the thread at ZDoom.org now.

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