Blast from the past: Gene-Tech

It's already been a while since Enjay released his ambitious 1-map project Gene-Tech but I spotted the old thread again today and I think it is fine to showcase the project another time - I am actually still hoping for a sequel. The game has sort of an EU-like, fan-fictionish plot for another game inspired by a single paragraph in an article that Enjay found online. You are tasked with investigating the Gene-Tech corporation. This company, based on Mars (why is it always mars), specialises in genetic manipulation and cybernetic integration. The Global Defence Force has strong evidence to suggest that Gene-Tech has made contact with an alien race and is working with them on new technology. This goes against the internationally and interplanetarily agreed protocols for alien contact and is considered to pose a significant security risk. As such, you are authorised to use any means necessary to investigate Gene-Tech, discover the nature of their work and neutralise any alien threat should it become apparent that there is one. Sounds thrilling? It is! Get the map now, it's worth every bit and byte of download!

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