DoomLauncher v2.6.5

hobomaster22 has just released the latest version of DoomLauncher, the number one doom frontend for organizing and playing all your favorit wads and projects (which are currently 563 pieces in my archive to give you an idea how useful this can be). The author has fixed various issues and added a load of different new features, including


  • Doomsday support
  • Chocolate Doom / Crispy Doom statistics
  • Screen filter option to simulate CRT/scanlines
  • Added option to delete files and statistics when deleting a source port
  • Added a screenshot viewer to cycle through all images of a wad
  • Summary will not duplicate stats for the same map
  • Summary will display days, hours, minutes, last map played, and a stat bar for map progress
  • Added an Untagged tab for viewing all files that are not tagged
  • Fixed Boom statistics issue when Save Statistics was selected and extra parameters were added
  • Prevent row height from being modified
  • CNDoom statistics fix when kills are over 100%
  • When deleting a source port individual statistics will show in the statistics tab
  • Fix for buttons being enabled when no file is selected causing a crash

Just download the new version from the official project page on the Realm667 and extract the new files into the program's directory by overwriting the old ones and you are ready to go. Have fun!

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