Bullet Ant Venom

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Name: Bullet Ant Venom
Type: Offensive
Palette: WOLF3D/Doom Alpha
Summon: ItemSyringe
Use Type: Inventory
Duration: Instant
Brightmaps: No
Added States: No


Submitted: Quantum_Dranger
Decorate: Quantum_Dranger
Sprites: WOLF 3D, Doom Alpha
Sprite Edit: Quantum_Dranger
Idea Base: Own idea


The end result of a project to create a cheaper form of execution for the money-strapped Phobos base. This syringe contains enough bullet ant poison to kill a human and leave an elephant reeling. The power of the most painful insect on earth can be seen immediately, as anything the needle strikes is turned into a blinded screaming spasm pile.
archive Bullet Ant Venom  (5.3 KB)

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